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I am so an expert on this I can't even start to...
Ok so, my answer is yes. Boredom does very much inspire creativity. In fact, most of my ideas for forum-skins and/or logos came from a point of boredom, mostly in class. Now putting it like that does make it sound like a bad thing, wasting my time in Physics class to think up a design. Regardless, that isn't the topic at hand here.

Boredom is not the lack of thought, as many presume, it's the lack of action. Sitting somewhere with nothing to do whatsoever, or perhaps trying to do something that the person at hand is not the least bit interested in. Cases like these do in fact stimulate our minds, cause us to think. The problem is that people tend to use times like these to think about their lives. Some reflect on their past. Some simply plan the rest of their day.

So in a sense, boredom can inspire creativity, but only if something that requires and/or accepts creativity is involved in the persons life. Again I'll take myself as an example, simply because I don't talk to people about what goes on in their dirty little heads. I myself am into graphics and web design. So naturally, when I have nothing to do, my mind tends to stray towards said topics. And because activities like these do include a certain amount of ingenuity which in turns calls for creativity (you can argue that the two are one and the same, but they really aren't), I tend to get creative. The craziest, yet most ingenious ideas (if I may say so myself) come to me when I have nothing else to do.

So yeah, point in case, it's possible, but it depends.
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