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Originally Posted by Inkblots View Post
This is a (potentially technical) question about the TCG online, hopefully that's okay to ask here.

I bought the Plasma Blast Solar Strike deck a while ago, and while it works fine in player vs player, not all the cards seem to be available in the Trainer Challenge (specifically, Blastoise, one Volcarona, and Pokemon Catcher seem to be missing. Others might be missing as well, it's just that those are pretty important cards in the strategy of the deck, so those are the ones I notice). I know that with the basic red/blue/green decks that are provided for the trainer challenge, you have to "unlock" the cards by winning matches before you can use the deck in it's entirety. But I thought you didn't have to do that with purchased decks? Either way, those cards are not unlocking. Is this purposeful to make things more challenging, or is it a bug that I should be reporting? Or am I just totally missing something?
Still haven't had a chance to look into this. Sorry. :'(

Originally Posted by ads_2006 View Post
Do cards from different series (i.e. base, Rocket, gym hero's, neo, neo revelations, etc) feel physically different?

I feel like the earlier cards felt a bit thicker compared to later editions. maybe its just me
It may be a slightly different card stock since everything made after 2002 was made by The Pokemon Company International and not Wizards of the Coast, but I'm fairly certain the basic pieces are practically the exact same.

Originally Posted by google123 View Post
does anyone know if the mega charizard be released in the trading card game?

does anyone know if the mega charizard will be released as a card in the tcg?
It's probable that their will be one, we just don't know when.
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