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Originally Posted by google123 View Post
ok so articuno has resistance to fighting type and weakness to steel types. my lucario is a fighting type that has the ability to turn into a steel type if any steel energies are attaached to it. if i attach a steel energy and attack articuno with a 60 damage move...will it resist or double attack? or both? please tell me what happens because i am confused.
This took some digging for rulings when dual types were more common, you first calculate the Weakness damage, and then you subtract the Resistance damage from the damage done by weakness. So basically it's 60x2, which gives us 120, then 120-Articuno's Resistance, whatever that may be.

In short, both apply, but the weakness applies first for the sake of calculating. From the standpoint of checking for KOs, you check for KOs after all the damage is calculated, so, even if it's taken enough damage to be knocked out from the Weakness damage before you apply the Resistance, it's not knocked out until you confirm whether it's still going to be knocked out after applying Resistance.

Originally Posted by oshawottlover13 View Post
does anyone know where either on here or on somewhere else i can get some TCG codes for playing online? i need more cards and my parents wont let me go buy any :/
You can also ask here, though I don't know the success any have had in actually getting any codes here.
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