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    So, I'm trying to get into the TCG, and currently I'm trying to make sense of the whole rarity thing.
    I have the holo Gold Potion from the Boundaries Crossed expansion (I tried posting a link, but I'm not trustworthy enough yet :/ Just look it up on bulbapedia) and the shiny Call of Legend Lugia SL7 card, and I notice that they both have a silvery white star as their rarity symbol, and according to bulbapedia, so do the so-called Super-Rare cards.

    Hence my question is this; if i get a card with a white silvery star, how am I supposed to tell the rarity? Is there something else on the card that decides that? I mean, I can see if the pokemon is shiny, but still, is there some secret trick to it, or am I just that stupid that I don't see it?
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