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    Originally Posted by clonex25 View Post
    KABAYAN!!!! (it's good to know that i have fellowmen in the forums, hehe.)

    Oh yes, I've seen a Pokemon ShinyGold while window shopping in a mall, too (damn that pirates, hehe).

    Actually, the only advantage of not evolving pokemon is their HP (but i made it through lance with just chikorita and stuff).

    I think zel has a link for the LIPS. If not, try to Google it (like i did).
    I'm still to understand this...
    If i go to a jipsy fair or some mall and i see e.g. FireRed being sold in a plain cartrigde, that's defenitly piracy, and i wouldn't buy it
    But can you say that it's piracy to sell a cartridge with a rom hack? It might be because a rom hack is for free but i would think twice before not buying it - after all, that's saying that a homebrew game being written on a normal cartridge is piracy
    That, for me, its the price of the cartridge : after all, the game is free, the price i pay is just for putting it on a cartridge
    I'm just asking: is selling a cartridge with a rom hack piracy?
    (OR Is Shiny Gold well worth over 5€ just to have it running on the good 'ol GBA?
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