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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    I works fine for me. Wait, I know why. You have to save before you move on to the next pokemon. Say I am switching Treeko and Grovyle. I change Treeko's number to 02. If I move onto Grovyle before I save, my changes to Treeko will be reversed. So now if I change Grovyle to 01, both Treeko and Grovyle occupy the same spot, leaving slot #02 blank.

    I did, and I am dumbfounded. The script compiled flawlessly. Then I was able to replicate what happened. So, I opened the memory viewer, took a look at the rtc clock and it was running fine. Then I watched the ram change as the script ran and I noticed it wasn't copying anything but the year and the month over to be used later. Everything else stayed the same.

    So, I watched the script happen on FR and I was surprised to learn that all of the date and time were copied over. I don't know where the miscommunication is on Ruby, but it isn't accomplishing the very first step.
    So it is impossible right now? We will not be able to accomplish this yet on Ruby in our current state?