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    Originally Posted by Alby4t5 View Post
    After following your steps, it still did not fully work. For example, I am moving Bulbasaur into Treecko's normal spot in the regional dex of Emerald. After I saved, I went and moved Treecko to Bulbasaur's spot. Now, when I play the game, Bulbasaur will have the right number on the status screen. However, he still does not appear in the Pokedex. Is there something else I'm doing wrong?
    Yes, it would appear that the regional and hoenn pokedex's are tied together. You are changing the ???? Pokedex, right? I found that the changes made in that are not reflected in the Hoenn pokedex. Only changing the national one changes things. It is quite wierd.

    Originally Posted by Mizumi View Post
    Why does my pokemon on the title screen appear in a diagonal pattern on the opposite side of the screen it's supposed to be on?
    Your .raw file was the wrong size in terms of LengthXwidth

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