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    Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post
    Interesting idea for a thread! I've actually managed to do this twice as far as I can remember, both of which were done during a solo run (hey, that rhymed!) Anyhow, here are my submission forms:

    PokéCommunity Username: Joshawott
    In-Game Username: Josh
    Pokémon: Pidgey
    League: Kanto/Johto
    Game: SoulSilver
    Level: 76
    Items: Used

    PokéCommunity Username: Joshawott
    In-Game Username: Josh
    Pokémon: Shinx
    League: Sinnoh
    Game: Platinum
    Level: 80
    Items: Used
    Haha, thanks :) I'll add yours, but 1st I need to confirm some things. Just curios, do you stick with just 1st stages or something? I find it interesting that you beat them with 1st stage evolutions, as well as with such levels. Care to share how you did it? Also, in both cases, this is after beating them the 2nd time, right (after getting all 16 badges and after obtaining the National Pokedex; each one respectivly)? I find it quite... wow-ing that you can beat an Elite Four & Champion who have levels from 50s-70s with just a level 76 Pidgey. Remember, this is exclusivly for the 2nd time! I'm not saying it's impossible, I jusr finding extremely... difficult.
    P.S. assuming your name is Josh, so is mine :)

    Originally Posted by Xulek View Post
    Just out of curiosity, are HM slaves allowed if you can't go through an area without a certain HM your Poke of choice can't learn?
    Is there such a situation? I'm not aware. If so, then yes; it would be allowed soley to use the HM. However, you could not switch it in, even to use a Revive or something. If you do so, you'd automatically be disqualified.