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A lot of the problem is mis-communication and ignorance on the subject or subjects. Mainstream media and certain political / religious affiliation and mindsets are primarily the cause.

People who think or trust a source in a particular manner will continue to the believe it from their regular sources of how they think, regardless if the facts are true or not.

Your average conservative oldtimer who spends his time watching FOX News already has his heart and mind set on what the idiot box is telling him. If the TV or famous celebrities that he "trusts" say that "Global Warming doesn't exist" then he'll most likely believe it.

People are stuck in the mindset of how they were raised and the environments they are currently in.

To someone who currently thinks rationally, they're already in the mindset on how to judge and when to be skeptical of something, and when to trust something, as well as which sources to trust.

A good majority of people believe in really, really stupid things. Not because they're not educated, but because they already think they know what they already are set in their mind to know as true.

The mistrust is basically an indoctrination process... of not just religion, but of a set of views, morals, and values each person and who they associate with have. Some of these groups KNOW they're wrong and lying, and they need such individuals who already think like they're thinking, to stay like that.
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