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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I've something else to add which I'd forgotten to do. Though there is skepticism on the 'right' and 'left' they aren't really about the same things. Distrust of nuclear power has precedent in Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima, and in general the left side of skepticism boils down to "Whoa! Are you sure this is safe?" and the distrust isn't directed squarely at science, but more on the policy makers who want to implement that science. The left knows that science works, but tends to think people aren't being careful enough and want more assurances. Not to say that some don't take it too far. It's not really so comparable to a right-wing distrust of science which is a more fundamental distrust of basic theories (like evolution) AND the implementation (such as contraception).
This is a great point. To me at least, the skepticism from the left comes from misgivings about how humans will handle such technology, and how things like economics, politics, and human error can play a factor. (Going with Nuclear power, think oversight, regulations, keeping facilities safe over time, etc.)
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