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    Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
    Hrmmm....These are alright, but I have a couple comments. First of all, why are the images in such low resolution? It appears to me that you're zooming in on them, but why would you need to do that? Also, you're shading could use some work on certain sprites. For example, why is there only one shade of green on the body of Incrivine? Next, there is the eyes, especially on the starters, where this is a major problem. The eyes on a normal Pokemon have at least some color in them in almost all cases, as well as some more detail. Your eyes are just black and white squares in some cases, which gives it a sloppy appearance. Also, the transitions from the limb into the body seem a bit unnatural in the water starter and the dewdrop Fakemon, which by the way, is WAY too closely related to Venusaur. It'd be more tolerable with a recolor, but it still sticks out like a sore thumb. If you keep working at it, however, I do believe that you could become a great spriter, it just requires some more practice. Don't give up, and you'll get it eventually. :D
    I was thinking the same thing for the eyes they look plain silly me :p. I'll fix everything today, I can't tolerate any bug in my creations for a minute.

    Also the back oof the dewdrop Pokemon is just a placeholder. It'll be changed soon.

    Also thank you for loooing at my gallery :D.
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