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    Originally Posted by FrenziedChaos View Post
    Does anybody know how to delete scripts, as in turn them into free space?

    Or, does anyone know where the default scripts are located in Emerald so I can overwrite them with free space?
    Open up XSE, and compile a "script" (it isn't really a script, it's basically telling XSE to do something) and write either of the following:

    #erase [Starting Offset] [Range] or #eraserange [Starting Offset] [Ending Offset]. Use the first if you want to erase X number of bytes, starting at an offset. Use the second if you want to erase all bytes from one offset to another.

    Edit: #dynamic 0x800000 and #org aren't required. Just write #erase or #eraserange, the two parameters, and hit compile.

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