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    Wait, this exists? Why did I find out about this club just now? I'm so in. I work at two different locations at a service center on the highway, a convenience store and a café and bakery. Both of them suck equally in different ways. The customers at the convenience store are particularly bad. I think people are usually mean-spirited and treat service workers like ****, but on the highway they're also cranky from the trip and from being cooped up in the car, they're probably craving something specific that we don't have, and the prices on the highway are naturally going to be higher than usual due to the "convenience". I haven't hurt someone yet I'll never know.

    A couple days ago, I had a long line of customers. The guy I was serving didn't have enough money, dropped everything, and walked off to go grab more. I can't cancel orders halfway through without getting in **** later, so I asked the other lady working if she could hop on her cash and ring customers through while I waited. I summarized the situation to the other customers, apologized, and waited for the idiot to come back with money. He paid, left, and then the NEXT FREAKING CUSTOMER I GET DOES THE SAME FREAKING THING AND WALKS OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF HER TRANSACTION BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH FREAKING MONEY.

    Okay. Calm now. That wasn't even the worst part. APPEARANTLY the woman that was supposed to be served right after the first customer that walked out went to my managers and told them that I refused to serve her because she's Latino. ...what?

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    Friday some guy started stripping in the dining room and he got arrested. 8 police cars and 2 ambulances.



    ...was he at least hot? *shot*
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