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    Originally Posted by Maserati777 View Post
    I hate that you can’t transfer Pokemon from Gold and Silver to gen 6. They should have supported both gen 1 and 2.
    Actually, support for Gen II on Pokebank is online right now, so you shouldn't worry about that! If you want Gen II Pokemon into Gen VI, do it from there! PokeTransporter.

    Anyway, my biggest peeve is how roaming legendaries worked in Gens II and III (possibly Gen IV as well, but honestly I didn't have too many problems there). I swear to Arceus they're toying with me: I'll be in the route right next to the route the legendary is at the moment (or legendaries, as that can happen, but it's very uncommon, and all the more infuriating), and when I try to go there, it just takes off! And when I finally do encounter it, it takes off before I can even land a blow! ...which BLOWS!!!

    There are strategies, however, to keep your sanity as you try and locate them:
    • Find two "map" locations that you can walk between seamlessly, such as Routes 37 and 36 in Gen II. The game resets their positions every time you go through a map screen transition of sorts, so finding two places not seperated by checkpoints makes sure the legendaries don't travel too far as you're travelling to find them.
    • Mean Look and Block aren't the only good trapping moves to use against roaming legendaries. Moves like Whirlpool or Fire Spin not only trap them, but whittle their HP down to a level fit for capture. Don't abuse them too much, however: it could leave the legendary dead.
    • Master Balls and Fast Balls are the best ways to catch roaming legendaries. That way, you don't just throw 50 Ultra Balls for 50 captures and they fail each time. Master Balls will always work, and Fast Balls have a better rate of capture than Ultra Balls when they're used against Pokemon quick to flee (or with a base 100 speed in the case of Gen IV, which both Raikou and Entei share).

    ... ... ...welp, there's my hundred cents! :t154:
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