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    Originally Posted by Maserati777 View Post
    I hate that you can’t transfer Pokemon from Gold and Silver to gen 6. They should have supported both gen 1 and 2.
    Wait, hold up, I see where you're getting at now! Sadly, there was absolutely no way Gen II Pokemon would conform to Gen III standards, due to them having completely different ways in how IVs were calculated. If the old IVs, known as DVs back then, were sent to Gen III with the family of new IVs, it would confuse the two games and most likely cause some sort of corruption to both. Yes, everyone's sad that there was a hole in the cross-Gen transfer lineup, but when it came to new technologies, the old ones simply couldn't hold up; if trading between Gens II and III was alive, both generations would meet a very brutal and melancholy end as people complained about Game Freak "letting this happen" and whatnot.

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