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    First Update: Post-Nacrene Gym


    the Impish Herdier, Male, Lv 21
    Ability: Intimidate
    Item: Oran Berry
    Moves: Work Up, Rock Smash, Retaliate, Bite

    Piper the Modest Tympole, Female, Lv 21
    Ability: Hydration
    Item: Mystic Water
    Moves: Mud Shot, Aqua Ring, Round, Bubblebeam

    Striaton Gym
    - Bit of a close call with only Sasha. Pansear's Incinerate took his Oran Berry, but some lucky flinching from Sasha's Bite meant we didn't need it.

    Nacrene Gym - It was Herdier vs. Herdier only long enough for Sasha to Intimidate, then Piper took care of it. Sadly she fainted (10ccs of Super Potion, stat!) from Watchog's Retaliate, but Sasha came in again to Rock Smash his way to victory.
    Completed Runs:
    Monotype: Normal (Black 2, Omega Ruby, Sun), Dark (Y), Ghost (Y), Flying (Y), Grass (Y), Fighting (Y)
    Monocolour: Green (White), White (Y)
    Time Warp: Progressive Era (White, Y)
    Solo: Lapras (Y)
    Potterlocke (Y)
    Monosize XS (Sun)
    Trainer Personality Examination (White)