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Originally Posted by Sean.Warner View Post
i like how it connects to the original storyline
Thanks, I wanted a plot that followed on with the original story, with Team Rocket in it.
Originally Posted by Winter Wonderland View Post
The story you have is pretty solid. I did enjoy it, and I've often thought of the sequel to the Johto story. However, I do have a few nit-picky things to point out.
  • Team Rocket is a proper noun, as it is an organization. Therefore, it should be capitalized.
  • "Giovanni has come back and risen Team Rocket..." I think in this sentence, the verb "resurrected" would be a stronger one to use. It also leaves a more macabre picture of Team Rocket being pulled from a literal grave(-insert adorable zombie picture-)
  • Exactly what are the legendary golems doing in Celia to begin with? In Hoenn, they're sealed away(if I remember correctly) and you could only encounter them in Platinum if you had a certain kind of Regigigas with you. So, if you could provide reasoning as to what the golems are doing there, that'd be nice.
I suppose you could leave the story as is with the vague touch that it has, but the vocabulary and the delivery of the story could be better to enhance the reading experience and lure your players in to beg for more. Everyone loves a good book.
The features seem pretty standard(no complaint), and that seems to hinder its ability to stand out from other hacks. The two features I like the most are the side quests and the mini-games. However, you failed to elaborate on them. Have you ideas for the mini-games or side quests?
Another thing is the tiles--they are wonderful. I've seen them before, but they are very nice. The pond tiles you have seem bright and the houses along with the other bright colors give it a very happy feel. However, considering this is a tropical region, I'd imagine that palm trees, etc. would be included too, right? I'd love to see the tiles you have planned for that(ships, bridges, and all the other accessories).
The only suggestion I could give is up the vocabulary/storytelling a bit to really capture your audience. Not only that, but on some points, elaborate a little more(such as the features) so your fans at least have a general clue in the direction you're headed. Unless you like the vagueness of it all, then exclude the last comment. Have a lovely day. n_n
Thanks for all your comments! :3 I'll fix my grammar/spelling with the story (sorry about that). There will be quite a few side-quests, often throughout the game someone might ask you to do something for them, and once you do you'll get a reward. ;D As for the mini-games, there will be a few in the game, for example the mining mini-game (edited though) that's in quite a few hacks and more as I think of them. Thanks! There will definitely be more tiles added like palm trees in the future when I need them.
Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
From what I can see, this hack seems very promising. Now to a full and thorough review:

This might not be related, but this logo is epic!
Thanks! I love it too. :3

Gym shouldn't be capitalized :p

Er, there's an unnecessary repetition in this statement. How about: "The leader disappeared, and Team Rocket vanished into the shadows..."?
Fixed those. :D

Your story is freaking epic! Team Rocket has always been my favorite Pokemon villain organization. Choosing them as the main villains of your hack was a great decision, especially since I always found a weak story-line out of such a great organization being defeated (: Just proves they aren't willing to give up.

A tropical region! YES! Tropical based hacks/games are my all time favorite, cause I love light colored tiles, lol :p
I'm really eager to see Dive and Whirlpool implemented in your Rom! If successful, this feature will make your hack a special one! Great idea!
Yes, hopefully it will.

I'd really like to see some of those Fakemon. However, I don't feel it's a great idea to have a mixed Pokedex between Fakemon and Pokemon. It could get quite messy. However, if the Pokemon are simply pre and post evolutions of existing Pokemon, than it could work (:
No, most of them are completely different, I personally see no problem with it, Pokemon Sienna did that and it won HotY.

You're chosen tiles are just amazing! I love the light colors and the tropical feeling of it all. Also, the water tiles are very well done, kudos!
Thanks again, lol

I agree with DrFuji, that ledge would be better if you straightened it out.
I've already done that. :P

I must say, this Sudowoodo evolution is epic! Very well done, is it your doing?

I must say, you've done a pretty damn good job with this hack! It still has a long way to go, but kudos to you sir. Wish you luck! (:
comments bold. ;)
Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
This hack looks better than most around here so well done on that. I'm quite excited about being able to explore an archipelago and kudos for you on getting tile selection right for an archipelago. I did notice something different though:

You should do something different with this building as it is completely out of style with the rest of the tiles and sticks out like a sore thumb. I applaud you for changing the majority of tiles in the hack but it certainly takes a lot of effort to find tiles that all fit the same style (a la Light Platinum) but you're well on your way.
Thanks for your comments, glad you like my hack! I am aware of that, I just haven't managed to find any suitable replacements for it. :(

Originally Posted by Shaly View Post
DAAAAAMN! This is one awesome game! Keep this up!
Thanks for your support! :D I definitely will.
Originally Posted by Mystery Man View Post
I'm really liking this hack overall. The tiles flow well together and the maps are very good. I especially have to comment on those water tiles - they are glamourous! In addition, those Fakemon look wondrous, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more in-game.

However, I'm not really liking the bending ledge. It just adds an obstacle to smooth sailing in a route, but I may be the only one who thinks that.

Otherwise, this hack is of excellent quality. Great job so far!
Already done that, but thanks anyways!
Originally Posted by stynimtes View Post
ill get started on to OW sprite for you :) if you need any other spritework done then i can do that too. Also this game looks epic but to make it better you should ask SphericalIce if you can use his idea of a bank.

here you are, the ow sprites for the trainer
I appreciate you trying to help me, but OW sprites are not a priority at the moment, and those are just recolored FR OWs anyways. D: Spherical Ice didn't come up with that idea, and I don't really want to bug him, or use that idea anyways. Thanks!


Sorry for not posting recently, but I've made some good progress recently. First of all, the thread has recently been updated with a new logo and some better CSS, If you haven't seen it already check it out. I've also remapped a few places and I'll be updating the first post with those new screenshots soon. I've also made quite a bit of progress with scripting, and I have a few new fakemon. :D

Preview of the remapped first town. *Ignore the girl to the left on those trees.

Some new fakemon for Cyan (fire/bug line) Keep in mind that the first one is still a WIP.

Platinum intro colors yay! :D

Just a few previews of some of the scripting I've done (yes, those are the starters).

Introducing turquiose town, the second town in the Celia region! :3

And that's all for now. I've made quite a bit of progress in the past few weeks, so there could maybe even be a release in a few weeks! ;D
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