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    Abagail "Gale" Sirknight
    Night the Gardevoir

    19 & 18

    Female & Female

    Abagail (Who prefers the name Gale) is of striking resemblance to her only Pokemon, Gardevoir, who she refers to as her "Twin Sister". The two are surprisingly similar, though Gale does dress like a Gardevoir intentionally. Otherwise, her hair is light green and her eyes really are bright red. Gale's right eye and Night's left eye glow brightly in a soft purple color when they use their psychic powers. Gale tends to wear suggestive and slightly inappropriate clothing, which only furthers her ability to seduce others.

    Not only do Gale and Night look similar, they act similar as well. They are both kind, caring, and often very sweet. However, they will seduce and tempt others for numerous reasons; these reasons include survival, distraction, leverage, desire, charm, and "because they can". They are both known to form crushes over males (Humans and Pokemon separate, respectively) and those crushes can lead to stalking, mind games, and excessive seduction. Other than love, their personalities are very caring toward the ones they like, especially each other. Their protective natures will often have them fighting each other over who is protecting who, which sometimes causes them both damage. They have a subtle but loud temper, usually involving outbursts of rage, and childish fits.

    There are many theories as to how and why these two look and behave like each other, but no solid answer has been discovered. Some say Gale was born in a lab, and that they mixed her blood with Night's, but this theory is unlikely, since there is an age difference of one year. Some say that Night simply gave Gale half of her power, but this is also unlikely because both of them are still undeniably strong, too strong to say their powers are halved. There are many more possibilities, and people who meet the pair have their own speculations. Only Night knows the answer, and she keeps it hidden in her mind, blocked from any sort of mind-reading. She insists it's for the safety of Gale and those involved.

    As early as Gale can remember, she awoke one morning, age ten, atop Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh. Alongside her, the Kirlia soon known as Night. While their lives were rather uneventful, it can be summarized by saying that the two traveled all of Sinnoh, before traveling to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Unova, and exploring them all. Why do they explore? Gale wishes to know what happened in the ten years prior to her awakening, and Night insists that only this adventure will reveal the answer. Finding no answers, they hear of speculation about the shining light of the Orre Region, and decide to investigate. Unable to find this light, Gale gives up her search. However, hearing of a fresh batch of trainers who are going to explore every inch of the region, Gale finds her way to Route One and decidedly joins the bunch...

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