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    Name: Leon Wildheart

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Leon is 6’0 with short brown hair. He has brown eyes that he can cover with his orange star-shaped sunglasses that he only wears when he is playing his guitar. He wears a short silver cross around his neck with a silver chain and also has silver cross earrings. Leon often wears a black jacket with a red eagle on the back and it is always unzipped. This jacket covers Leon’s white T-shirt that does not have any writing on it. His jeans are also black and a silver chain hangs out of the left pocket with also has a small silver cross. His shoes are also black and shiny at most times. Leon wears black fingerless gloves that he has sewn a pocket into so that they can hold his picks for his guitar. Leon is always seen with his guitar, in its case, on his back ready to play for when Leon wants to make a statement.

    Personality: Leon is a very distant teenager who does like being around people and loves Pokemon battling. He has a serious attitude which usually prevents him from cracking even the smallest smile while he is in battle mode. Once he is out of battle he attempts to be everyone’s friend or save the day. Leon always wanted to be a safe haven for strangers and friends. He never wants to do anything with a half-heart, Leon is always ready to keep going till the end. Leon rarely gets mad but when he does he reveals his red demonic eyes and a terribly demonic aura that scares all engulfed inside it. Leon’s goal is to be a shining star which is gazed upon by all. Because of this goal, he will always try to do something that makes him stand out. In some instances he has jumped on top of a statue, yelled his name as loud as possible, and started to play his guitar as loud as possible too. While he is found annoying by others, some find his antics to be amusing because they know his goal is to unite people under him.

    History: Leon has always been a troublemaker by accident. At first Leon just wanted others to unite under him and see him as a safe haven for them, but to do this he got overzealous very often. He would spend his teenage years trying to make a big impression on everyone he met so they would never forget his name. That would often involve him, throwing rocks as far as possible, doing 20 back-flips over and over or just being obnoxiously loud at the first time they met. Leon acted like this because he was born into a family where he had 7 brothers and 7 sisters. He was always overlooked because of having so many siblings. So in order to get any recognition from his parents or anyone he would do these ridiculous things. Even as Leon grew up, he still did not break his habit of doing antics to get attention. At the age of 13, Leon discovered a music shop and began talking to owner. There he learned about the guitar and decided that learning to play an instrument would garner him even more attention. From then on, Leon continued to add his guitar playing to his way of garnering attention and making huge impressions. It was also through his guitar playing, that he became part of a band that he named “The Wildhearts”. Through his band, Leon continued to garner more attention and eventually developed a few followers that enjoyed Leon and his crazy style.
    At the age of 16, Leon accidentally became the leader of a Pokemon gang. He became leader of the gang by defeating their leader in an impromptu Pokemon battle. Leon accidentally ran into the leader while running to get to his band’s rehearsal. The leader was very upset because Leon had also spilled his hot coffee all over his jacket. The leader then decided to attack Leon with his Pokemon, but after seeing Leon had no Pokemon he offered his weak Loudred to fight the leader’s Electabuzz. Through his use of the Loudred’s soundproof ability, Leon used his guitar to distract the Electabuzz and the leader and won the battle against the leader. Following that event, the leader and his crew started to make Leon their leader. Leon liked the attention and the uniting of the people, but after a few months started to feel suffocated. His crew scared away his band and his other followers. Once a year had passed and Leon turned 17 the crew had scared the whole town. So with that Leon decided he needed to run away from his home and head to Orre where he garner the attention of a different group of people and not be feared by the townspeople.
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