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    Started Pokemon White 2 on my birthday today.

    My mom came home and told me Bianca was in town waiting for me. My rival said he wanted me to get a pokemon so we could battle. I found Bianca and I chose Oshawott as my pokemon. I met Alder a few minutes later on Route 19 and he said he was gonna help me train,but he told me to ind my rival. I battled on the trainer I could and beat my rival 2 times,2nd time he almost KOed my Oshawott with 2 crits. I went to the ranch where we had to find a lost Herder. I found him and I met the black plasma grunt. We talked and then after we returned the Herder I caught a Riolu.

    Current Team:
    Riolu Lv 9
    Oshawott Lv 11