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Originally Posted by Satycorn89 View Post
Oh okay thanks.
So one more thing, I need a moveset for my soon-to-be Espeon. Do you think I can use this:
Timid nature, with Light Clay
-Signal Beam
I know many people use Baton Pass instead of Wish in this cases, but IDK, I just want to change a bit, plus Espeon is fast, so Wish might be a bit better for it...
Thanks again.
Espeon is meant to be a support 'mon. If you're using Reflect, you should be using Light Screen too. This is called "dual screening," which involves getting both Reflect and Light Screen up to give frail attackers a chance of surviving on the battlefield. Due to the new Wish mechanics, Espeon can't utilize it too well (Wish now restores half the user's max HP to the recipient. Say Espeon uses Wish and switches to something like Magnezone. Magnezone then gains HP equal to Espeon's max HP):
-Light Screen
-Hidden Power (Fire)/Baton Pass
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP/4 SAtk/252 Spe
Item: Light Clay
Ability: Magic Bounce