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    Hmmm mostly the music is what makes me love the places xD They're all great though.

    I really like the Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess, not just because of the music, I just love how it's so big and expansive and it so easily connects all the places, they just did an excellent job with it.

    I also love the
    Temple of Time in Twilight Princess. The entrance looks almost just like the Ocarina of Time entrance and the music is the same just ugh <3 I love how they did that, which the door leading to the past or something. The dungeon itself was cool too, TP dungeons were relatively on the easy side imo but I love how they included the use of the Dominion Rod, it wasn't really like anything we've done before.

    I also love almost every part of TP it and SS were the best Zelda gamess imo <3

    In OOT, I like the Kokiri Forest, mostly because of the music. In Wind Waker I love the sea itself, and Outset Island, and in Skyward Sword I love the Sky and idk everything Skyward Sword was amazing <3