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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    I doubt Charizard would have got him the victory. It all depends on how many more legends were on Tobias team as Ash only took out 2 of his pokemon. Second time was with Articuno in Battle Frontier.
    He brings up a good point. Charizard would have fared better than Torkoal. Come on, let's face it. Charizard is one of, if not the most, strongest Pokemon Ash has. He's strong and has the same mentality Ash has when it comes to battling. Torkoal did not last long, while Sceptile took down Darkrai and sort of dented Latios. It's safe to assume that Charizard would have at least lasted against Darkrai. I mean, Darkrai took out Torkoal in a single hit. The same with Gible. Maybe Charizard wouldn't have given him the victory, but hell, he would have lasted a lot longer if Ash made some adjustments to his team. (Totally directing this towards Torkoal. I wish Gible was a bit more durable to survive another hit from Darkrai.)
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