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    Originally Posted by frixos1 View Post
    Hey guys i need some help here:Can I have the 3.6.1 version read my previous save files?
    If not is the "Bad to the Bone" episode the only one Metapod23 has left out? And does the 3.6.1 version continue beyond the Indigo League? Please I could really use your help because I've worked so hard raising my Pokemon and i don't want to start all over again

    PS: If the solution to my problem has anything to do with ips patching I have no idea what that is so a little extra help there would be very much appreciated.
    hope this helps:
    If you saved in the game not emulator,and you patch beta 3.6.1 at it,it will work.
    Bad to the bone was not "left out"(Remeber the Ninja guy with a Marowak at the route?)
    and no. Beta 3.6.1 ends when season one ends,at Pallet Party panic.
    Ips patching is easy. First, get Lunar Ips and a clean Fire red ROM (google for Lips and for
    fire red Rom get it at Fonzy95's Post).next,Open lunar Ips and select "apply Ips patch",Choose The Ips file of the beta and next the Fire Red Rom.

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