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    Aw You're kidding right? My last update didn't get updated :(
    Update 2 (Take 2 so sorry if its more vague than usual)

    -Beat Red Gyarados
    -Beat old man gym leader XD
    -Knocked Chuck Back, wife stopped to chat, she yackity yack about him getting fat XD
    -Cured Amphy of unknown illness
    -Went to Safari Zone
    -Caught Magmar (turned out to be female so she became Mama Luigi, Bred until I got male Magby nicknamed Mario)
    Oh yeah I changed my Mario from Slugma to Magmar, he fits all the specifications so I do hope it's ok with you, I just didn't want to wait for him until post league. Pikachu I can wait for, cause he's Pikachu, but Mario don't get same privaleges as Pikachu ^_^

    Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.