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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    This takes me back to game boy color! :) I am curious as to why you chose the style of Gold/Silver its nice but i'm just curious good work on the fakemon so far too..
    Two reasons mainly:
    1. I don't see a lot of pokemon fan projects that attempt it.
    2. It would be a nice touch visually for the sake of nostalgia.
    I also kind of like working with a limited palette. It allows me to get work done faster, and it gives me a challenge in terms of artwork.

    Anyway, while I currently don't have much to offer, I'll show you some sketches I've been doing to demonstrate the process I take:

    rough sketches of the playable characters in the game. Left is Chase, the Right is Amber.

    A ghost/steel type fake pokemon concept I've been working on. This is Clawmbee, the Live Corpse pokemon.

    Sketch of one of the gym leaders (Defense Leader Martha) with her pokemon Boundoom, a Rock/Ghost type Pokemon with Wondergaurd as its ability ;)

    If you want to know the etymology for these two fakemon, Clawmbee and it's evolution (which I'll show later) are based of Jiang Shi, while Boundoom is based off a Nurikabe.
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