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    Originally Posted by desbrina View Post
    It seems that variables & switches that are supposed to set after a trainer battle don't seem to happen.
    Its the same in a unedited version of essentials as well

    I have the following event, which is trainer event
    Attachment 66745

    And a door event
    Attachment 66746

    When you beat the trainer, the door is supposed to open, but the variable doesn't get set. It doesn't get set if i make the variable set to the second page

    And yet, this event works
    Attachment 66747
    It appears that Essentials is putting trainer comments back into the event even if you've deleted them (perhaps because the event's name is still "Trainer"), which means when you run/compile the game any changes to that trainer are erased. You'll only notice if you close RMXP and open it again.

    This behaviour is unwanted, and I'll have a look at it.
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