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    Ladies and Gentleman IT'S ON!
    Name: Pokemaster
    Must Nickname all Pokemon

    traded Flowar for Manny,An Adamant Bulbasaur
    Chalenged Cerulean Gym.Which got their butts kicked by Manny
    King Evolves
    Now going to go to the SS Anne
    Actual team
    Jack:the docile Charmelion(sorry if mispelled)
    Ace:the adamant Pidgeotto
    Bugter:the bold Butterfree
    King,the impish Nidorino
    Manny,The Adamant Bulbasaur

    Monk:The adamant Mankey
    Batty,the timid Zubat

    Traded Away:
    Flowar for Manny

    Pokemaster's firered nuzloke adventures: