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    Lost Vanessa last night, to Archie's Golbat.

    From where I left off - we went through Meteor Falls - fainted a Lunatone trying to get it down far enough to catch it, then just plowed through the trainers and the wild pokemon. After the showdown with Team Aqua, we left through the bottom entrance and went out onto the hills, then worked our way down to Rustboro and healed. Then went through Rusturf tunnel and broke the rocks for the couple and collected the Strength HM, back to Mauville, back up the canyon routes and to the cable car, then up to the top for the showdown with Team Aqua. It was mostly uneventful except for Vanessa - I had her in against Archie's Golbat and on the first turn, it confused her and she hit herself for 8 points of damage out of 53 total. Not a big deal, and I didn't have anyone else who was well-suited to handle the Golbat while I was confident that she'd one-shot it, so I just left her in. And on the next turn, the Golbat lucked into a crit on a Wing Attack that knocked her down to 5 points, and all I could do was watch in horror as, sure enough, she hit herself again. Sometimes RNG hates me.

    So I mopped the floor with Archie, then went on to Lavaridge and released Vanessa. Then, since I conveniently had an open slot, I got the Wynaut egg and ran back and forth until it hatched (named it Mike), then moved it to the end of the line and moved the next pokemon out of the box - a Whismur named Lemmy that I caught all the way back on Route 115. Then went down Jagged Pass, fought the trainers along the way, and caught a Numel and named him Willard. Then spent the rest of the night, mostly on Route 117, grinding Lemmy up to catch up to the team and evolve to a Loudred. We've now worked our way back around through the ash on Route 113 (and got a Yellow Flute and a Blue Flute), then back down to the cable car again, and back up to Lavaridge, where we fought all the trainers and are currently saved on the edge of town, probably ready to go challenge Flannery.

    Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 26
    Clyde the Breloom lvl 26
    Irv the Dustox lvl 24
    John the Nincada lvl 25
    Sylvia the Linoone lvl 24
    Lemmy the Loudred lvl 24

    Brenda the Mightyena
    Vanessa the Kirlia