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First update!
  • Started, named myself Jake, etc.
  • Got Aero the Mudkip, saved Birch, defeated May
  • Caught Nica the Zigzagoon on Route 103
  • Caught Servine the Poochyena on Route 102
  • Helped Wally
  • Caught woohooFTW the Wurmple on Route 104
  • Caught Mobile the Shroomish in Petalburg Woods
  • Defeated Roxanne
  • Caught GL Jake the Nincada on Route 116
  • Saved Peeko and got the Devon Goods
  • Caught Golurk the Makuhita in Granite Cave, delivered the goods to Steven
  • Defeated Brawly
  • Saved Captain Stern and delivered the Devon Goods
  • Caught Livewire the Electrike on Route 110
  • Went through the Trick House, defeated May
  • Beat Wally
  • Caught Twihiki the Marill on Route 117
  • Defeated Wattson

Which leaves us here

  • Servine the Poochyena
  • GL Jake the Nincada
  • Twihiki the Marill

  • None