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Honestly, this is how I feel about it.

It's really saddening that this had to happen to BC. I know that I haven't been a part of the competitive community for a terribly long time, but I do remember at least randomly stalking S&M and whatnot, and what happened during those times, and regulars that were there during those times. It seems that the S&M period was really PC's competitive battling's golden times, if I'm correct. But yet, our regulars started leaving, they had important obligations to take care of, things of that nature. As such, our competitive community started to dwindle.

But things started to change. We had new regulars, and a bit more activity was brought back to the forums. Not to what was expected, but at least it gained a few, and then those regulars stopped posting. I could go on a huge rant about the whole life, but I just feel that, after this period that maybe it is time that BC itself doesn't remain a forum anymore. Our competitive community mostly resides on the server nowadays, where we battle, chat, and have fun, and I believe it really succeeded in that. The forum itself has probably ran past it's time, so maybe it is time that BC was really done for and replaced by other forums.

It is because of this that I agree with this decision to remove it and have it replaced by "Battle Stadium". Keeping the current name would be ideal to a few, but I find that PC's competitive community needs a fresh start, and I believe a new name would accomplish that.

Those I'm confused about one thing. Would Pokemon Team help be a subforum of Battle Stadium, or would it be a separate forum entirely?

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