Spherical Ice

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Wow. I must say, this look really interesting.
The game looks quite mysterious, based on the story and few screens that I've seen.

I especially like the totem pole screen and the relicanth wall screen.
Thank you! Mystery is definitely the mood I want to establish with some parts of this game!

This looks very curious!
I really like mystic storylines and I will be definitely checking this hack out. The screenshots look very intriguing, I love libraries, too. They put me in an unusual mood. I think it'd be a great idea to visit the library often and uncover new secrets with each visit.
- Fleece
Thank you! That's a great idea, I was going to let you just read random books but making it change upon different visits would be an interesting gimmick!

I saw this on romhack.me yesterday and I think it's awesome! This hack really has my attention.. but does this mean you stopped working on Cobalt?
Thanks! Cobalt is on an indefinite hiatus, because, if I'm honest, I got bored with it. If, in the future, I feel like going back to it, I will, but that's a far way off at the moment.

Seems pretty interesting, but what really gets me is this:

Not only does the mysterious tablet in the middle look great on its own, but it melds so fantastically with the tiles around it that it gives the illusion of 3D. I love it!

Apart from that, I'm digging this hack. You don't see too many hacks that rewards and praises exploration the way this does, and the region and its past is so mysterious that the player will have no choice but to submit to their curiosity and do so. I'm interested in seeing more of this.
Thanks! The tablet was actually an adaptation of this piece of pixel art made by the amazing Neslug -- all I did was turn it into a tile!

O.o That looks so awesome!
I like the fake 3D tiles :)

Whooo hooo! Another hack of yours, yet the tiles are amazing! Also..

Sweet, sweet titlescreen!

Loving the tiles <3 Hope to see more! ^^ asdfghjkl
Thank you! The Ho-oh Temple tile was made by the amazing Cuddlesthefatcat. All I did to this tile was change the perspective slightly, and make it look older, and more deteriorated.

I'm glad to see so much positive feedback in such a short span of time! Here, have another screenshot: