Spherical Ice

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Looks interesting, I do wonder what the Dusty Tome is. I hope you realise how good your mapping is... because it is. Good luck and gods speed.
Thanks! The Dusty Tome might have some significance.

This looks really good and not 0815. But it looks like you won't change tiles(or use a rombase)? I wonder though; is there no such criminal syndicate or bigger antagonist or won't you reveal it just now? Just curious, you know :)
Thank you! The tiles are staying the same, in the sense that I'm sticking with the FireRed-styled tiles. And, with regards to a bigger antagonist, who knows?

This looks to be awesome. I really like the the concept of Exploring an Ancient Civilisation. The name of the region is very cool. Good luck. :D

looks great! who would the starters be?
Thanks! I've actually mulled over what I want the starters to be quite a lot. For now, this is what I've decided on, though I do recognise that it might be quite flawed as I haven't really playtested them much for balance.

As of now, it seems like Yanma is easy-mode, with Swinub being the relatively standard starter, and Tangela being the hardest starter to train, at least to begin with. These are definitely not set in stone, but I think they're an interesting selection and fit in quite well with the ancient theme of the game (if you can work out why, good job). Their evolutions from Generation 4 will be included.