Spherical Ice

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So Gaia finally sees the light of day :P

Everything is looking great, I especially love the totem poles and the Relicanth stone. Like Shix has said, your mapping is good and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Gaia in general. One suggestion though, I think you should move the camera down a tile or two in the screenshot with Professor Redwood. If you do that then you can get everybody in view and not have the textbox overlap the player/ rival.
Thanks! That's a good point, I didn't notice that.
ancient powerup
wow way to ruin the surprise for everyone I told you already nerd

This seems pretty interesting... and mysterious at that.. I LOVE IT!! Also Swinub is kinda One Evolution ahead of the other two unless Mamoswine isn't present in the game.. but good job :D I lililililililily like it :D
Thanks! Swinub does indeed have one evolution more than Yanma and Tangela. However, the way in which it learns Ancient Power (ie through the move relearner) means that I'll be able to delay when Mamoswine is available to the player. In any case, it's likely I'll redo this selection of starters, but for now that will be what they are.

Those screenshots.. Wow! Looking forward to this hack(:

Just some more screenshots of Phoena City.