Seen December 17th, 2014
Posted May 17th, 2014
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Seems pretty interesting, but what really gets me is this:

Not only does the mysterious tablet in the middle look great on its own, but it melds so fantastically with the tiles around it that it gives the illusion of 3D. I love it!

Apart from that, I'm digging this hack. You don't see too many hacks that rewards and praises exploration the way this does, and the region and its past is so mysterious that the player will have no choice but to submit to their curiosity and do so. I'm interested in seeing more of this.
This immediently caught my attention as well. The tile itself and its abillity to blend, or well Spherical's abillity to blend it in perfectly.

Sages, ancient mysteries, exploration, you've caught my attention. Looking forward to play it.