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    Finally, I managed to defeat Sky´s overpowered Hippo-thing, but I´m still wondering why are all enemy pokemon at higher level than mine. I dont think that I fought less than in original pokemon games, where I was always several levels ahead, but here it´s totally reversed. I realize that this is different game, but having to defeat 30 wild pkmn to get 1 single level is quite bad.

    Originally Posted by pokewalker View Post
    Just wait until you get in the forest - there's a Heatran there. Just keep on trying and your pokémon will get enough exp eventually.
    Oh and about the water pokémon, catch an Eevee in the Safari Zone and evolve it into Vapareon :)
    Yes, thanks for the advice, but i am not sure if it was possible to get water stone before going to Malias library, main point of me getting water pokemon was because i wanted to beat hippo. Now i finally got water pokemon egg and also my fifth member of the team. About that exp thing it is still the same :D I still have to find a good place to do hard training.
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