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    Wouldn't say I improved over the last four years. I take critic and save it for later (when I'm going over the chapters again), but I'm often not able to find mistakes myself. Little mistakes, I may say, because I care a lot about logic in my stories. Like, I built a space ship by calculating how big it has to be to fit in N citizens. Therefore I'm just using the amount of space there is for residential area – because there is space needed for power plants, workstations, education, hospitals and the gravition generating core too – and how the gravitation should differ between the core and the outer bounds of the space ship.

    Nevertheless I still laugh out loud reading my work from time ago, because for me it's still as ridiculous as it was way back.

    Well, I somehow get the feeling I'm recieving too less critic. What could Ido to change this?
    Already working?
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