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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smiled as she heard her Pokegear ring. She quickly pulled it out and read over the message. "Hey, Eric, can you get out Damascus? Mark just sent me a message. He's actually near here, just in some fields, though he doesn't know exactly where he is."

    Eric smiled, "Yeah, he can stretch his wings anyway." He said as he took off a pokeball from his waist and opened it up. A large Salamance appeared before the two. Damascus roared at first but then saw Lucia and a smile curled on his reptilian face. Lucia happily rubbed the dragon's head, "Great to see you too again Damascus." She said happily, giggling as the Salamance licked her cheek.

    Eric grunted as he got onto Damascus' back and held out a hand to help Lucia on board. He recalled Abdacus and Lucia pointed her own pokeball to Roberto who frowned at the gesture. "Come on Roberto! There isn't enough room up here on Damascus. Besides, I don't want you flung off." The Scizor let out a weak sigh and just stood there as he was recalled into his ball. Eric smirked and whistled loudly. Damascus grunted in response and began to flap his wings as he took off into the air. Lucia giggled as the wind whipped through her hair and she gripped onto her brother's waist. Every so often she would look down to see the ground beneath them, though she couldn't see any people down below.

    Damascus circled around the Town, slowly going out further and further to prevent him from missing any details below them. Eric frowned and began to shout to be heard over the wind, "Hm... it seems that-" He didn't get to finish as the Salamance gave a loud roar and flew straight on down toward some figures on the ground. The dragon flapped its wings a bit before landing with a sound thud on the ground. Lucia quickly recognized Mark, though there was another boy there as well as two older people. Perhaps they were Mark's parents? Either way, Lucia swung her legs off of Damascus' back and hopped onto the ground with Eric following her. "Thank you for the ride Damasucs." She said as she pulled out Roberto's pokeball and released the Scizor once more. Roberto's eyes instantly narrowed at Mark but Lucia didn't care as she walked over to him, "Pleasure to see you again Mark." She said. "This is my brother Eric." She said as she pointed to her older brother who withdrew the Salamance back into his pokeball and released his own Scizor.

    "Pleasure to meet you Mark." Eric said as he made his way over to the boy and reached out with his hand for a handshake. Roberto meanwhile had gone over to Abdacus and quickly pointed out the Sableye to the other Scizor. "See?" He said. Abdacus' eyes narrowed at the ghost, "I see. One of those cretins."
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