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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan
    The Cafeteria/Academy Grounds
    "Well, that's where I'm headed off to now." Nemo told the groomer that sat opposite her, as she finished off the last of her personal berries and briefly checked there would be enough for both Ezra and Berth in her hike to the mountains. She hadn't really been expecting the guy to come along for the ride, given his apparent lack of battling will, but one thing for certain was that she needed somebody to come along with her to the mountains; she'd prefer to get lost with somebody to eat, should it come to that.

    "Later." She said, allowing the boy one last moment to change his mind before she continued her trainer hunt. Cassie loped away from the table alongside her, with her head held high with each step and a more intimidating posture to the Pokemon of the spindly little trainers that seemed to populate the academy. There were far too many of them that didn't seem to possess much skill or personal focus as they dallied about with dancing and berry blocks, instead of training alongside their Pokemon like most trainers did back in Orre. But each Pokemon was sacred back in that wasteland, instead of more populous than air.

    Regardless, there had to be something in the minds of these people that made them supposedly great trainers, such as the man who'd founded the island himself. Though she knew that, with her Pokemon not fully trained, she would not be able to take on such a person yet, she would be eventually. Though there was something of an indignance at none of the students recognizing her from the newscast back in Orre, she realized that news rarely stretched far out of her region. But in those few months before she left for the Academy, having destroyed another criminal gang under the name of Ace, she lived like a Queen amongst the citizens and a General amongst the gangs. It was glorious, but she'd need to build up another reputation on this island.

    Nemo's search led her to the fields outside of the Academy Dorms, where just a hint of the Icy Plains sat in the distance. Upon leaving the cafeteria, her eyes settled on a particular girl who stood with two Pokemon. She was skinny and frail, somebody Nemo would have looked over otherwise, but the two Pokemon beside this girl caught her eye more thoroughly than anything so far. A Glaceon and an Espeon that stood by the girl's side, evolved from Eevee's like the one Nemo had lost at the beginning of her journey. The thought that somebody that looked all glamor, like this girl, could possess evolved forms of the same made her eye twitch.

    It was not wrath, but the Orrean found herself immensely curious nonetheless. The tall teen trainer approached Mana swiftly, with her muscled arms swaying in the wind just over the proud Absol that was her trusted companion, until she stood just a few feet in front of the girl who had tamed the evolution Pokemon.

    "Hello." Nemo greeted Mana, with a very brief smile shot her way. "I'm Ace, and I'm looking for trainers to accompany me to the Icy Plains. Given your Eeveelutions, you must be quite talented. No?" She asked the question with just a hint of an edge.
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