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    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Grounds

    Rosalyn smiled to herself hugging the small black and blue Pokemon egg close to her as she brushed her blonde hair behind her shoulder. She was practically jumping with excitement at having found the Pokemon Egg. Originally she had been going to go find a Pokemon to catch but once she found the egg she abandoned that idea. "The Pokemon that hatches from this will give me a team of six, then later I can catch more Pokemon if I choose too" she thought her smile turning to a beaming grin. "What to do now" she muttered to herself. Really she wanted to find a place to draw, or maybe go to Oak town to sell some of her artwork, cause she did need cash. But there was no way she was going to go ask her brother for money.

    Looking around though she saw the familiar face of Jimmy talking to someone who's face she couldn't see. "Hey Jimmy!" she yelled walking faster as she neared her crush best friend. She had been wondering were he had went off to earlier but was going to ask him later and in private. "I was wondering were you went" she said smiling before she suddenly tripped and fell her Pokemon Egg falling on the ground and rolling so it was right between the two boys.

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