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Kilik Chambers - Between PTA & Oak Town

Kilik could see this situation was affecting Valorie's parents, just a little. Her parents explained that she would come back soon. Kilik hates a losing streak, but he wouldn't run off like that. Still, he could feel her pain a bit. Was this going to ruin their Thanksgiving? Speaking of which, his stomach was growling a little. They still needed to get stuff from Oak Town.

"If she'll come back, she'll come back then," Kilik commented to Valorie's parents. He looked at the direction of Oak Town. "We should get the cups n' stuff for Thanksgiving. Nothing should ruin it for you," Even though it's already ruined for me... Kilik picked up Tentou & walked over to Mark. "She'll come around. Don't worry." With that, he turned & walked towards Oak Town. He could at least get the supplies for them.

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