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    "Good." Nemo replied, still a bit short with the Espeon Girl despite her apparent lack of ego about possessing the two Eeveelutions. It was silly of her to expect a stranger to know about her past and gloat about it to her face, especially given her personal training since the event. But the thoughts remained, as she looked at the two Pokemon with another twitch in her eyes. "...thanks. Where did you get those two, anyway?" She asked, he Orrean accent slipping back with the fading of her frustration.

    As Ty returned with twenty Pokeballs and handed ten of them to Nemo, she shot him a look with both eyebrows high on her forehead. "Where the crap did you get so many of these?" She asked, slipping all of them into the pockets of her pants and sharing a surprise look with Cassie. The Absol herself was sizing up Fox and Felicity with narrowed crimson eyes; wondering whether either of them would be able to defeat it in a battle.
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