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Valorie's Parents - Road to Oak Town
Valorie's father sighed. "There's nothing we can do about that. I trust she knows her pokemon better than I do anyway." he said in a calm manner. At this point Valorie's mother chimed in. "This happens..." she stated, suggesting that this was not unusual, though perhaps she was referring to the temper tantrum Valorie had thrown.

At the mention of Selene Valorie's father just sort of looked... mildly confused. He glanced at Valorie's mother, who returned a similarly clueless expression. They seemed to be trying to figure out if they were missing something here. This being right after Mark had admitted that they probably knew him. They might even seem slightly concerned! After all if this was supposedly Valorie's closest friend, or at least that's how Mark had portrayed her, why didn't they know?

"I'm afraid we've never heard of Selene--Before now." Valorie's father admitted in a casual tone.

...Now why would their daughter deliberately fail to mention anything about her closest friend, especially considering she'd told them so much about Mark! It was easy to assume it was deliberate anyway. It seemed hard to believe she could've just forgotten. Kilik had started moving though so perhaps the conversation would have to continue while they walked. Assuming, of course, that Mark still wanted to go on. Valorie's going to /kill/ you Mark. Run! RUUUN!


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