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I would say white, because POLAR BEAR MOOSH FTW.

Also, shouldn't shiny sprites have every color within the palette different, besides for things like eyes? I've noticed that by looking at other shinies, and just wanted to point it out. Although, I'm not complaining with what we got right now.
They usually do, yeah, but not always. Besides, we don't really have to go by those rules lol....

EDIT: Though there could be this?

And this is what I meant before:

The middle one is what I was talking about, a revamped GBC Link instead maybe? Also just a concept.

The other overworlds would all be revamped as well, and between Seasons, Ages and Links Awakening there are plenty of characters that could already be there for editing.

EDIT: I might just go with this at least temporarily, unless something else better comes along. Minish Cap sprites are too big