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    Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
    Anyway, I think I just witnessed one of the better games of the tournament, Italy vs Croatia, it's a shame that one of them will probably go out.
    Croatia should have won that game 2-1, but thy had a very poor start. With England not qualifying for Euro 2008, I've decided to support Croatia. I really hope that Manzukic isn't injured, because Spain is gonna be very tough. I hope for either a draw or a Croatia win, because Italy have to score 3 goals against Ireland to qualify.

    I really want Italy to go out because I haven't and I will never forgive them for fixing the final of the 2006 world cup game. I'm really pulling for Republic of Ireland to beat Italy to send them packing. I really don't mind if we come second: because the likes of England, France or Ukraine shouldn't be very difficult provided on how the Croatians play against them.