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Originally Posted by Landorus
Congrats on that boo! We're in the same boat, a couple days ago my store manager came up to me and asked out of nowhere "So Steve, when do you want to start training to become an Assistant?" I was completely caught of guard lol. I just got promoted to Shift Lead Manager (hourly position in charge of crew) and only a few months later I am being promoted to Assistant (salary in charge of the shift leads). Woop!
Originally Posted by Impo
Two days ago someone called up the store and said that I packed her bags so well that Management gave me a box of chocolates :3

it was nice
Congrats, that's awesome both of you! So what I'm getting from this is that even though we all hate our jobs, we're all exceedingly good at them :P

On the subject of finishing late, our shifts always used to end when the store closed, but we'd still have to stay for an extra five or so minutes to close down the registers and get set the alarms and whatnot. Which was fine, nobody cared. Until somebody complained and now all our shifts are like 2:15-8:15 or something ridiculous like that, so we're paid for 15 minutes after closing. Which would be fantastic except for the fact that they actually expect us to stay there until 8:15 even if we've finished closing everything by 8:05.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I don't think I have ever got out of work on time when I finish at closing time. It's normally half an hour later. Today, my last customer asked my why I didn't have a girlfriend...
When I was asked that once, I responded with "oh my boyfriend wouldn't like that."
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