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    I'm continuing on my quest for a shiny starter on HeartGold, but man it's taking longer than expected. Grinding away though, as I'm bound to hit one eventually. :) At least that's the theory. I'll probably grind a little more tonight, but may need a break to actually play a little on a different game. The constant resetting gets tiring after a while.

    Good luck on everyone else's hunt. :D
    Shinies so far:

    SR: Croconaw (HeartGold)

    RE: Golduck (Emerald), Golem (Pearl), Butterfree (HeartGold)

    PokeRadar (Pearl): Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Donphan, Ampharos

    Event (Soulsilver): Gyrados

    Trades (ie, sketchy): Metagross, Braviary
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