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    Originally Posted by babalou56 View Post
    i dont find any reasson to keep playing these hack, when i am 30 minites at the safari zone and try to catch a dratini. 30 minites 3 encounters and every hit was not even close.
    30 MINITES FOR THE STARTER POKEMON TNX DUDE for the 30 lost minites from my life
    Really bro, this is rediculous. You had a chance to have a starter given to you, but you proceeded to say no and decided to catch your own. That was your choice. You know catching pokemon is tough. Especially a Dratini. So shut your mouth and man up.

    Also, I played his game and caught a machop for a starter on the third encounter after 5 minutes. So, I call BS on 30 minutes with 3 encounters.

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