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    I'm wondering if Barry Hawksworthy is among the deceased. He probably is, though; he had to be at that meeting with the Aquas. Not that I actually care about him as a character; I'm just shocked that the guy would go out without so much as a whisper. Then again, physical strength alone isn't much help when your body is being stripped down at a molecular level and crudely reformed into something that doesn't even resemble you...did I mention that you write dark stuff really well?

    I'm wondering where Fabien, Blake, Goishi, and Morgana are and what role they'll play. I wonder how Goodwin and Emerald will play into the plot. It's nice to see a cameo by Spike, and it'll be nicer to see Steven make an appearance. I've got to give credit to Zero: he really did do his research.

    Oh, and the Alien reference won me over completely. I freaking loved those movies. I loved the Predator movies as well. The Jumanji reference was nice as well.

    I apologize for my off-topic rambling. I just wanted to let you know that the chapter was rock-solid.


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