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No need to be timid! I mean, look at me, my account nature is set to Timid and I'm still pretty chatty sometimes, hehe. Welcome to PC! <3; I love your username - it's really pretty to imagine in your head. Watery blade, whoosh!

Aha anyway, why not tell us a bit more about yourself? I understand if you're shy and don't want to though, but it'd certainly make it easier to get replies. The only thing I have to go off of is that you're a Pokemon fan (like most of us), so you'll definitely be able to enjoy your stay on the forum if you're interested in the franchise. :D I'll recommend the Current and General Pokemon Gaming forum sections if you want to discuss the games, but there's also Alternative Pokemon Discussions if you're looking to chat about the anime, Pokemon world as a whole, join some Poke-clubs, and so on. There's plenty to do so make sure to explore! And if you're ever lost, a moderator is always available to point you in the right direction. We're all friendly so never fear to send a message to any one of us, members included. ^^

Pleasure meeting you and make sure to stick around for a long, long while! PC will un-shy you soon enough, I promise. That's how it was in my case since I started out being a lurker for a few months. You'll meet plenty of great people. Have fun~

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